At Fontefico Vineyards, we offer you several distinct wine tasting experiences. Our wine tasting offerings reflect our lifestyle at Fontefico: the ultimate experience in drinking authentic, organic wine while enjoying delicious local food offerings all the while basking in our beautiful, tranquil setting situated between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic sea.
Choose the tasting experience that best suits you and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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Yoga is harmony and balance, as much as a good wine must be. Yoga makes you lighter, purified and deeply receptive, immersing yourself in a journey to the soul of wine. Yoga and wine represent a perfect combination to achieve total well-being of body, mind and spirit. This experience begins with a complete Yoga session (Pranayama, Surya Namaskara, Asana, Shavasana) and continues with a walk through the vineyards and a guided tasting of the current vintages of “La canaglia”, “Cocca di Casa” and the selection “Costetoste “paired with local specialties.

• Start at 10:30
• duration 3/4 hours
• € 55.00 per person
• available only on Thursdays (June to August)
• in collaboration with the qualified Yoga teacher Rossana Campli
• reservations at 3284113619
• comfortable clothing and a beach towel are recommended.


This is a very special experience opening the doors of perception and getting the deepest essence of wine. The sound harmonization with the Tibetan bells in fact leads to finding harmony with ourselves, rebalancing the relationship between mind and body, amplifying our senses.
The harmonization session is followed by a walk through the vineyards and a guided tasting of the current vintages of “La canaglia”, “Cocca di Casa” and the “Costetoste” selection accompanied by local specialties.

• start 10:30
• duration 3/4 hrs
• € 55.00 per person
• available only on Wednesdays (from June to August)
• in collaboration with the holistic operator Martina Caserio
• reservations at 3284113619 (at least 3 days before)
• comfortable clothing is recommended.

wine horse rides


If you are a wine enthusiast but also love idyllic countryside rides, this is the experience for you! Get on the horse at the Jack O’Neill riding school and ride to the winery across fields and all the Fontefico vineyards. Once arrived at the winery, you’ll be delighted by local specialties during a guided tasting of the current vintages of “La Canaglia”, “Cocca di Casa” and the “Costetoste” selection.

• Start at 11:30 am (every Monday)
• duration 3 hrs
• € 65.00 per person
• please call us for booking at least 3 days in advance at +39 3284113619
• comfortable clothing is recommended
• experience also suitable for beginners
• suitable for younger than 14 yrs old only if qualified to ride; between 14 and 18 yrs old at the discretion of the guide
• The experience for younger than 18 costs € 40 and does not include wine.

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Fontefico is also an excellent venue for corporate meetings.
From simple business meetings to major conferences, capture the attention of your guests by immersing themselves in nature and then enchant them with our fantastic wine-break.


We plan many themed events to taste our wines with a good music
background. You can also take part to our wine-education and our cooking classes. Follow us on FB or subscribe our newsletter to be ever updated.


For a special event, celebrate your party at Fontefico, surrounded by the green of our organic vineyards. Choose between the various available locations. You can take advantage of the comfort of the large wooden gazebo or, for more casual parties, just ask for a poolside dinner. For the most romantics, the best choice is the bucolic and elegant  atmosphere of our huge green lawn.
Our wines and our specialties will complete the magic!


Once upon a time… with the Gulf of Vasto landscape, there was a vineyard and a delicious wine, the scents and the colors of Nature and two hearts beating strongly. It’s not a fairy tale but it might be the most wonderful day of your life in a magical atmosphere.
At Fontefico we love the exclusive things, caring about any detail and offering only express cuisine, to seduce even the most demanding ones. 
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


-not available in the 2020-

Experience G is designed for spending a full day at Fontefico; relaxing poolside, sipping our fine wines and enjoying a selection of our outstanding local food products. This experience provides a lunch including two appetizers, a artisanal pasta course and a dessert or fruit course, based on the menu of the day. You can also enhance the experience G purchasing meat courses and of course any Fontefico wines. Wine and lunch are served poolside while relaxing by our crystal clear salt-water pool. This is more than a wine-tasting
experience, it’s a wine-tanning experience!

• from 11:00 to 18:30
• from 50,00€ p.p. (wine not included)
• not available in the summer 2020
• phone +39 3284113619


The harvest is an immersive experience! Getting your hands dirty by picking the grapes, savoring its scent… is something unique, difficult to describe but easy to live. After the winery visit, the harvest begins and you will play the role of the proganist. And when hunger comes, the tasting lunch will be right into the vineyard, in the bucolic shade of the Montepulciano pergola. As per our Abruzzese tradition, we’ll serve typical dishes of the harvest-brunch, in combination with 3 wines of your choice. This is a journey through authentic emotions and genuine flavors.

  • Start at 9:30 am
  • duration 6 hrs
  • €110.00 per person
  • available only in September
  • by reservation at least 3 days before the visit
  • sneakers and long pants recommended
  • please contact us at +39 3284113619


The cooking class is a unique introduction to our Abruzzese culture. It includes two different local recipes. The first one is an “Antipasto” such as “pallotte cace e ove” or melanzane ripiene”. The second one is a “Homemade Pasta” recipe such as “sagne appezzate”, “cavatelli” or “pasta alla chitarra”. The teacher is not a cook but an original “old style housewife”, as professional cooks are not able to do the same. Everything in Fontefico is strictly authentic!
This is why we propose popular local recipes, authentic master pieces of the typical Abruzzese Sunday lunch. They are also very easy to replicate at home. Hence, back at home, visitors will be able to surprise their own guests with an original Italian Abruzzese recipe. Next the class, the lunch will be a wine-food pairing: four courses matched with four wines, including a Reserve wine. The tasting-lunch will also include the recipes that guests have prepared during the cooking class.

• Start at ad 11 am
• duration 4 hrs
• €95,00 per person
• by reservation everyday in the summer, Mon-Fri in the rest of the year
• please contact us at +39 3284113619


Children always have a lot of fun in Fontefico! While the parents enjoy their tasting, kids play on the lawn, chasing the butterflies, throw the ball… But that is not all, as it is possible to book an educational workshop dedicated to the youngest. The children will have to collect the grapes, separate the grains from the stalks, press the must and finally draw and color the label for their own grape juice bottle!

• Start at 11:30 am
• sold separately in conjunction with other experiences
• it includes the kid-meal (starter+pasta course)
• €20,00 per kid
• comfortable clothing recommended
• by reservation everyday in the summer (June-September)
• please contact us at +39 3284113619


Vertical tastings are always an amazing experience. Retracing the old vintages of our wines is the best way to learn about all the nuances of the territory. The charm of this experience is also in the debate that unfailingly comes about, on how the identity of each vineyard was expressed in the different vintages and therefore on the evolution of each wine in the various tasted vintages. This year we are proposing three different verticals: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 2006/2007/2008, Titinge Riserva 2007/2008/2009 and Costetoste selection 2008/2012/2014. The vertical tasting comes with a cutting board of selected local cold cuts and cheeses.

• Start at 5 pm
• duration 2 hrs
• Vertical of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or Costetoste selection €45,00 per person
• Vertical of Titinge Riserva €60,00 per person
• by reservation everyday in the summer, Mon-Fri in the rest of the year
• please contact us at +39 3284113619


Experience B is the most complete event as your guided wine tasting takes place over lunch: while enjoying yourself you will also learn more about organic viticulture, wine and the secrets of the food pairing. This experience provides a full tasting of four wine selections: “La canaglia” Pecorino Superiore, “Fossimatto” Cerasuolo Superiore, “Cocca di Casa” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and the special selection “Titinge” Riserva Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. The wines will be accompanied by a gourmet lunch featuring several local specialties, an artisanal pasta course and a dessert or fruit course, each of which is paired with Fontefico’s finest wines. You may also wish to enhance the “Fontefico experience” by purchasing alternate bottles from our distinct wine collection, including our cellared vintages.

• Start at 11:30 am
• duration 3 hrs
• €45,00 per person
• by reservation everyday in the summer, Mon-Fri in the rest of the year
• please contact us at +39 3284113619


Experience A is not only a wine tasting, but an educational and essential wine class. It focuses on wines by grape varietals indigenous to Abruzzo and provides three of our finest wines: current vintages of “La canaglia” Pecorino Superiore, “Fossimatto” Cerasuolo Superiore and “Cocca di Casa” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. The wines will be combined with our handpicked, local food delicacies. Each wine comes with one or more food pairings, the best Abruzzo has to offer among traditional salami, delicious homemade cheeses and other amazing local culinary delights. You might consider enhancing your experience by adding additional current vintages wines to your
tasting, for just 5 euros more per each additional wine sampled.

• Start at 11:30 am or 5 pm
• duration 2 hrs
• €30,00 per person
• option with 2 wines, no food pairing (1hr): €15,00 per person
• by reservation everyday in the summer, Mon-Fri in the rest of the year
• please contact us at +39 3284113619

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