Cooking Class

The cooking class is a unique introduction to our Abruzzese culture. It includes two different local recipes. The first one is an “Antipasto” such as “pallotte cace e ove” or melanzane ripiene”. The second one is a “Homemade Pasta” recipe such as “sagne appezzate”, “cavatelli” or “pasta alla chitarra”. The teacher is not a cook but an original “old style housewife”, as professional cooks are not able to do the same. Everything in Fontefico is strictly authentic!
This is why we propose popular local recipes, authentic master pieces of the typical Abruzzese Sunday lunch. They are also very easy to replicate at home. Hence, back at home, visitors will be able to surprise their own guests with an original Italian Abruzzese recipe. Next the class, the lunch will be a wine-food pairing: three courses matched with three wines, including a Reserve wine. The tasting-lunch will also include the recipes that guests have prepared during the cooking class. This experience also includes the guided tour to the winery and the vineyards.

• Start at ad 10:30 am
• Duration 4 hrs


Bambini (4-11)
Bimbi (0-3)