This Riserva comes
from the oldest Fontefico’s vines,
planted in the 1970.
Titinge” is a play of words
to say “it does stain you”,
because its exceptional colour intensity,
bestowed by the Cru of
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Il Pàstino.
Titinge is the fruit of our
passion for the pure wine.
It’s deep and elegant
and it dyes your heart!

Every Fontefico wine is a
single vineyard wine,
estate-bottled and totally produced
in our “Azienda Agricola”.
The identity of each wine is preserved and,
at the same time,
it evolves harvest after harvest.
We are an organic farm,
as we deeply care about the environment.
In the cellar, we just wait for the wine
to be ready to express itself.
Every wine tells about our territory in its own way.
Every wine has its own authentic personality,
that evolves at every harvest.